Interfaith Alliance Challenges the Media

September 15, 2003

Source: U.S. Newswire

On September 15, 2003 U.S. Newswire reported that the Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, president of The Interfaith Alliance said,'"the religious press in this land has an unusually crucial role to play in truth telling by the media. Unfortunately for the most part, religion is involved in most of the big stories in today's news. From politicians manipulation of religion to the promotion of partisan causes to religionists efforts to manipulate politics for sectarian gains to terrorists claims to be servants of the Almighty to governmental leaders appeal to Deity and morality to support their policies of war, religion is an unmistakable component in today's news. The manner in which the role of religion in today's world is reported will help or hurt interfaith relations, encourage or discourage militancy, and determine to a great extent the public understanding of and commitment to religious liberty.'"

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