Interfaith Advisers Find Common Ground Through New Legal Initiative

December 12, 2007

Author: Sam Forrest

Source: Religious Intelligence

Advisers to the UK’s main faith groups have met for the first time marking the launch of a unique legal network designed to tackle the interface between law and religion.

The first of its kind in the UK, the Interfaith Legal Adviser Network has been established by Cardiff Law School’s Centre of Law and Religion. The first meeting began dialogue on timely debates, such as public religious symbols and wider discussions about impartiality and religious dress.

Developed in response to the large number of recent high profile court cases involving religious symbolism, and the considerable challenges for faith groups by an increase in State law on religion, advisers to the Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Orthodox, United Reformed Church, Church of England, Church of Scotland, Church in Wales, Quaker, Mormon and the Order of St Lazarus faiths, were invited to the Network on Friday December 7.

Professor Norman Doe, Director of the Centre of Law and Religion said: “The meeting was a huge success. While from a diverse range of religious traditions, the advisers all welcomed the opportunity to share their views and learn from each other. A number of common experiences and issues emerged from their discussions.”