Interfaith 9/11 Memorial Service in Tucson Emphasizes Unity

September 12, 2005

Source: Tucson Citizen

On September 12, 2005 the Tucson Citizen reported, "Members and clergy of multiple faiths gathered yesterday evening to remind Tucson of the spirit of unity that followed the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Members of [local] Christian churches, the Islamic Center, the Sikh community, the Buddhist Center, the Baha'i faith and others gathered at Temple Emanu-El for a night of reading and songs, focusing on the healing and hope that came after the twin towers fell... A small community of Zarathushtrians [also participated in this event]... Rhonda Whatley of the Tucson Multi-Faith Alliance, which sponsored the event, recited the story in the Bible of the good Samaritan... 'It was nice that everyone did get together,' said Marie Cepher of Tucson, a member of Trinity Temple Baptist Church. 'Unfortunately, tragedy always unites us together.'"