Inter-Faith Meet Condemns Swiss Mosque Minarets Ban

January 14, 2010

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Thaindian News

Religious scholars and intellectuals Thursday condemned the Swiss government’s recent ban on minarets of mosques in their country and decided to approach the United Nations and Amnesty International in the matter.
The religious scholars, including Hindu and Christian priests, demanded that the ban on the minarets be lifted in order to protect and promote religious diversity and multi-culturalism in Switzerland, according to Sahyog Cultural Society chairman Sami Bubere.

“The minarets of mosques are symbols of peace, but unfortunately some anti-Islamic forces have displayed them as symbols of fear. The ban on minarets by the Swiss government is yet another instance of Islamophobia that has gripped the west,” Bubere said.

With this, the Swiss government “has hurt the sentiments” of a large number of peace-loving people who had great faith in the right to practice the religious of their choice in Europe.