Inter-Faith Fellowship Celebrates 10th Anniversary

January 6, 2004

Source: Jamaica Gleaner

On January 6, 2004 the Jamaica Gleaner reported, "The Inter-Faith Fellowship of Jamaica, which represents another dimension of ecumenism, celebrated the achievements of the first decade of its existence in Jamaica. It brings together representatives of the church and of religious traditions such as Islam, Hinduism, Bahai, Rastafarianism and Ananda Marga and Buddhism for the purpose of dialogue and in keeping with the commitment of members of religious communities to the restoration of the unity of humankind and the integrity of Creation, a project inspired by the World Council of Churches many years ago. Inter-faith dialogue is yet to find acceptance among Jamaicans. Many still cling to the tradition of exclusivity in matters of religion and politics. However, in the age of globalisation, the challenge to engage the fact of the presence of many cultures and religious traditions has to be faced by those committed to the achievement of a just and peaceful society."