Institute Studies Arab-Police Relations in Yonkers

November 5, 2005

Source: The Journal News

On November 5, 2005 The Journal News reported, "There are six police officers of Arab descent in Yonkers, who help with Arabic translation in addition to their day-to-day patrolling duties. Police also deal daily with Arab doctors, nurses and other emergency workers in their line of work. That kind of side-by-side work environment helps to break down stereotypes and foster respect between the police and the Arab-American community in Yonkers, community leaders say. The relationship is now under review by the Vera Institute for Justice, a national nonprofit organization that is working to identify ways in which local, state and federal authorities can build trust and improve communication with Arab communities. The organization is studying four U.S. cities with large Arab populations, including Yonkers. Arabs began settling in Yonkers in large numbers around 50 years ago, and have blended well into the area, which community leaders say has been a key factor in building trust with police and generally throughout the city."

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