INS Detains Hundreds of Muslim and Middle Eastern Immigrants in California

December 16, 2002

Source: The American Immigration Lawyers Association

On December 16, 2002 The American Immigration Lawyers Association issued a press release that stated, "AILA condemns acts of terrorism and is committed to working with our nation's leaders to enhance our security. However, the... 'special registration call-in' program... is a false solution to a real problem because it will not enhance our security. Identifying terrorist threats to our country is like finding a needle in a haystack. This program will only increase the size of the haystack by creating huge databases that will yield little, if any, useful information because the people who come forward to register are not those who would seek to do us harm. How likely is it that terrorists would seek to register and self-identify? Call-in registration offers us little protection because it targets people based on national origin, race and religion, rather than on intelligence information, and alienates the very communities whose cooperation we need."