Indians Welcome Springtime in Vivid Color at Festival

March 5, 2007

Author: Anita Hassan

Source: Houston Chronicle

RICHMOND - Swati Verma looked like she was the loser of a paint ball competition on Sunday afternoon.

Orange and purple powders were splattered all over the 16-year-old Memorial High School student's clothes. Red and yellow coated her hair and inside her ears. Some splotches of green dye even showed on her teeth.

She wasn't on the wrong end of a paint fight, but celebrating Holi, the Hindu festival of colors that commemorates the arrival of spring and victories of good over evil.

Almost 150 people attended the festivities at Sardar Patel Park in Richmond.

"Holi is a spiritual celebration for all Indians," said Anu Udpa, vice president of the India Culture Center in Houston, one of seven groups that sponsored the event. "It's one of the festivals that brings all Indians together."