Indiana Muslim School Opens and Looks to Attract Non-Muslims

August 26, 2004

Source: Northwest Indiana News

On August 26, 2004 Northwest Indiana News reported, "Samar Megdadi quietly tiptoed out of the classroom Wednesday as her daughter, Reem, settled in to her first day of junior kindergarten on the first day of the newly opened Avicenna Academy. Megdadi and her husband, Dr. Zuhair Alsakaji, said they picked Avicenna, 9803 Colorado St., because it is the only school in the area that focuses on their family's cultural and religious background. Assistant Director Betty Vania, who also serves as first- and second-grade teacher, said Reem is fairly typical of the 19 students presently enrolled. Vania, who is not a Muslim, said the school is hoping to eventually attract students from all backgrounds. Officials hope to make the school's presence known through upcoming open houses and by sponsoring pen pal relationships between their students and public school students."