Indian Population Rises in New England

July 1, 2001

Source: INDIA New England<

On July 1, 2001, INDIA New England reported that "reflecting...the community's growth across the United States, New England's Indian-American population has more than doubled in the past 10 years...The availability of work visas, the lure of academic institutions and the vitality of the region's high-tech industry have fueled this increase locally...The...2000 census reported 76,157 Indian-Americans in New England," up from 36,282 in 1990. "In New England, Massachusetts has the largest Indian-American population -- increasing from 19,719 to 43,801 over the course of the decade." In the same ten years the Indian-American population went from 815,447 to 1,687,765 in the entire U.S.; 140,985 to 251,724 in New York state; 11,755 in Connecticut; 1,697 to 3,873 in New Hampshire; 1,975 to 2,942 in Rhode Island; 607 to 1,021 in Maine; and 529 to 858 in Vermont.