Indian Guru Visits Frisco to Celebrate Hindu Temple Opening

July 8, 2009

Author: Jessica Meyers

Source: The Dallas Morning News

Rarely does North Texas receive blessings from an Indian guru. So when Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji said the region had "good vibrations," temple construction began in Frisco.

Almost two years later, the first stage of the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple – one of only two in the United States – is complete. And the Hindu spiritual leader with a worldwide following is in Frisco this week inaugurating its start and helping reinforce Collin County's shifting demographics.

His visit coincides with Guru Purnima, a global tribute to teachers. But to the 2,000 Hindus who attended festivities on Tuesday, it meant honoring a guru-disciple tradition as they establish a regional presence.

"As our children grow up, we want them more exposed to Indian culture and traditions so they are more likely to keep with them," said Laxmi Tummala, a Frisco resident who attended the ceremony in a shimmering spring-green sari. "Convenience is a big factor in that."

Volunteers chose the 10-acre Frisco location for its low cost and its ability to serve a Hindu population that is expanding along with the area, said Tummala, who helped plan the temple.

The multimillion-dollar center will hold about 1,000 people. It shares an access road with a Lutheran church.