Indian Buddhist Monk Finds Support in Maine

April 30, 2004

Source: The Portland Press Herald

On April 30, 2004 The Portland Press Herald reported, "People come to Maine every year for the scenery, for the nature, for relaxation. Geshe Lobzang Tsetan comes here ever year too. For the people. Tsetan, a Buddhist monk who founded a school in northern India, has found a solid foundation of support and friendship in Maine. The 66-year-old teacher has been coming to Maine every year for the past decade, raising money for his Siddhartha School, which serves children in the impoverished and culturally isolated region of Ladakh, India. He has found Mainers so eager to help his school that he now comes back twice a year. The school, founded in 1995, serves 200 students. More than $100,000 used to build the school was raised here, and the school's board of trustees features several Mainers, including a lobsterman, a building inspector and an assistant professor at the Maine College of Art."