Incumbent Trustees of the Hindu Temple Society Elected to Board

March 10, 2006

Source: The Becket Fund

On March 10, 2006 The Becket Fund reported, "In a resounding victory for the Hindu Temple Society of Queens, New York, all of the candidates representing the incumbent Temple Trustees won election to the Board. Justice Golia of the New York Supreme Court announced the results at a hearing today in Queens. Voters had 11 votes each to distribute among over 200 candidates. The highest number of votes went to Dr. Uma Mysorekar, current President of the Hindu Temple Society of North America, with 2,759 votes. All of the other current Board candidates also received over 2,000 votes. The slate of challengers failed to gain even a single seat on the Board of Trustees, polling hundreds of votes less than the current trustees... Robert Greene, of counsel to The Becket Fund, said 'We are very happy that the devotees have resoundingly demonstrated their commitment to the First Amendment and freedom of religion. We will continue to fight to have the New York State Courts recognize the Temple's right to organize and manage itself without state interference.'"