Inclusion of Creche Displays in Miami-Dade County

December 18, 2002

Source: The Miami Herald

On December 18, 2002 The Miami Herald reported that "when Ditsy Carmen Suarez glanced at the holiday display in a West Miami-Dade County government building a week ago, she did a double-take... There, brightening a corner: a Christmas tree, a Hanukkah menorah, six dreidels and a Kwanzaa candelabra... But missing was a nativity scene, a symbol of the birth of Jesus... That started her crusade against Miami-Dade government, rekindling a constitutional debate over the separation of church and state... On Tuesday, she won the right to put her own creche in the building lobby after enlisting the legal muscle of a family-values group from Mississippi... But there could be unintended consequences to the county's decision. Allowing the creche might open the door for anyone, including hate groups, to put other symbols there."