Importance of Community

May 13, 2007

Author: Matt Lynch

Source: The Milford Daily News

Millis - For Inderpreet Singh, it's the perfect combination - food and fellowship.

Singh and hundreds of other Sikhs from around Massachusetts and New England participated in a ritual parade, known as a Nagar Kirtan, from Milford to Millis yesterday afternoon.

The parade began at The Gurdwara Sahib of New England on East Main Street and concluded at The Guru Ram Das Gurdwara in Millis. A "gurdwara" is a traditional Sikh place of worship.

Along the parade route, Singh and others sang traditional Sikh songs while a truck carrying the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, a collection of words and hymns written by a Sikh guru, led the way.

"We join together by eating and singing," Singh said, as he sat in the Millis gurdwara with a plate of bread and lentil sauce in front of him. "They're large festivals that are open for all."