Imams Urged to Take Larger Role in Preventing Radicalization of Youth

September 21, 2005


On September 21, 2005 reported, "The country's imams need to play a larger role in order to prevent a radicalisation of Muslim youth, said Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen after his national dialogue meeting with representatives from the Muslim community yesterday. 'We have had a good and very positive meeting and I am happy to be able to say that everyone at the table distanced themselves strongly and clearly from any form of terror,' said Rasmussen after the meeting. 'It is positive that the imams that participated in the meeting clearly expressed that they felt a responsibility to ensure that young people with Muslim backgrounds are not drawn into extreme and fanatic groups.' Hamid el Mousti, a Social Democratic city counsellor from Copenhagen, criticised the imams, however, for suggesting that the PM limit the press's freedom to criticise Muslims."