Imams Settle Lawsuit Over Removal From 2006 Flight

October 20, 2009

Author: Steve Karnowski

Source: Google News

Wire Service: AP

Six imams taken off a 2006 US Airways flight after passengers reported what they considered suspicious behavior have settled their discrimination lawsuit, saying they considered it acknowledgment that their removal was a mistake.

Neither the imams nor attorneys in the case would discuss the terms of the tentative settlement, which was announced Tuesday and requires approval from a federal judge, but it includes an unspecified sum of money.

Marwan Sadeddin, of Phoenix, said the settlement does not include an apology but he considers it an acknowledgment that a mistake was made. He did not poi nt the finger at either US Airways or local authorities.

"It's fine for all parties. It's been solved. ... There is no need for a trial," Sadeddin said.

"We reached our goal," said Omar Shahin, of Phoenix, another of the imams and the chairman of the North American Imams Federation.