Imam W.D. Mohammed, Leader of American Black Muslims, Resigns

September 11, 2003


On September 11, 2003, ran an article on how W.D. Mohammed "dramatically changed Islam in America." The article read, "In stepping down, Mohammed implicitly criticized some of the American Muslim leaders for not taking orthodox Islam seriously enough.  'I have tried over the last 10 to 12 years to encourage them to get more religious education, but I have made no progress,' he told the Chicago Tribune. 'American Society of Muslim leaders don't support me, but the followers do.' The favorite son of Nation of Islam leader Elijah Mohammed, W. Deen Mohammed rose to power the day after his father's death on Feb. 25, 1975. Taking the helm of the NOI--a group that linked Islam with separatism and racial hatred--he led his flock on a dramatic new journey toward orthodox Sunni Islam."