Imam W. D. Mohammed Builds Partnership with Nation of Islam Leader

February 14, 2002

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

On February 14, 2002, The Christian Science Monitor featured the story "America's black Muslims close a rift." The article reported that Imam W. Deen Mohammed has been invited to lead friday prayers at the convention of the Nation of Islam. It explained, "The proceeding, an orthodox Islamic ritual known as Jummah, will mark an important milestone for the famously radical group headed by Louis Farrakhan. ... For decades, Farrakhan's much smaller band of followers has largely ignored the Jummah, a pillar of practice for most Muslims. Mohammed's appearance at the dais represents a further step in a detente that could help end 26 years of division between the two groups - at a time when the American Muslims face renewed public scrutiny." The article continued, "'What happened in the terrorist attacks on America made us realize that as Muslims we need to bury our petty differences because there is a bigger picture to consider now,' says Akbar Muhammad, international representative for the Nation of Islam. 'It has given us a new sense that we must strive to come together for the good of society and future generations of American Muslims.'"