Imam Shot, Nearly Killed, on French Island After Racist Attack

November 28, 2004

Source: Arab News

On November 28, 2004 Arab News reported, "Unknown assailants shot at and almost killed an imam overnight on the French Mediterranean island of Corsica then fled after daubing racist graffiti on a building where he was staying, a prosecutor said yesterday. Prosecutor Jose Thorel said a group of men drove up to a house, which serves as a Muslim cultural center and prayer hall in the southern Corsican town of Sartene at 2:30 a.m. They shouted racist insults, which brought the cleric to the door, although he did not open it. The assailants then fired several shots at the door and the bullets would have hit the imam if had not had the good sense to flatten himself against the wall, Thorel said. The group then left after daubing a swastika and the slogan 'Arabi Fora' ('Arabs Out' in the Corsican language) on the walls of the building."