Imam Denounces Muslim Woman Running for Canadian Parliament

June 15, 2004

Source: Muslim WakeUp!

On June 15, 2004 Muslim WakeUp! reported, "When Itrath Syed entered her local mosque in Vancouver last Friday, she expected to get a chance to let her fellow congregants know about her campaign for the Canadian parliament representing the Delta-Richmond East Riding south of Vancouver on behalf of the New Democratic Party (NDP). After all, not only is Syed the sole Muslim candidate in her province, but she and her family have been long-time supporters and members in the British Columbia Muslim Association (BCMA), the main mosque in Vancouver. Syed is a graduate student in Women’s Studies at the University of British Columbia and a veteran peace and justice, civil rights and anti-violence activist, having worked for 7 years at a battered women and children shelter and leading her province’s anti-war efforts. However, instead of an opportunity to address the other Muslims there, Syed sat through a scorching sermon that charged her with 'working against the community.' The sermon, delivered by Imam Zijad Delic, focused on the issue of same-sex marriage. Although never mentioning her by name, Syed says that Delic repeatedly derided 'Muslims who are running for politics,' a clear reference to her."