Imam and Minister Offer Condemnation and Caution After Attacks in London

July 9, 2005

Source: The Denver Post

On July 9, 2005 The Denver Post reported, "Shiite cleric Ibrahim Kazerooni and the Very Rev. Peter Eaton, dean of St. John's Episcopal Cathedral, didn't know each other when the two were teenagers in London. But both can recall living in the English capital when bombs set off by the Irish Republican Army prompted citizens to live with a little extra vigilance... 'Everybody's sensitivities' are heightened, he said Thursday, reflecting on the bombings in London earlier in the day.

The two men - who have been working together on the church's Abrahamic Initiative, a project designed to build relationships among Jews, Christians and Muslims, for nearly a year - condemned the attacks and cautioned anyone against linking those responsible to any particular group.

When they spoke, it was not clear who was behind the London attacks; a previously unknown group called the Secret Organization of al-Qaeda in Europe had made an unverified claim of responsibility."