Idol Unveiled At Lawrence Temple

June 29, 2009

Author: Krishnan Vasudevan


On an ordinary Sunday, approximately 50 people come to the morning service at the Radha Krishna temple here. Yesterday, however, over 300 people came to celebrate the unveiling of a new idol in recognition of Hindu saint, Sri Sai Baba.

The statue was unveiled at exactly 11:37 a.m., the auspicious time, according to Hindu astrology, in a ceremony called "Pranpratish tha," which translates to installation of an idol. A Hindu priest blessed the Sai Baba statue, which was installed on the temple patio, with traditional prayer ceremonies throughout the morning.

Once uncovered for the public, devotees had an opportunity to pour holy water on the statue as an offering of their love to the saint. The event was especially momen tous because this is the first Sai Baba statue in Mercer County for the local Hindu community.