I Won't Change My Name: Swastika

January 29, 2007

Author: Riddhima Seal

Source: The Times of India


With the EU imposing a ban on the swastika, we find out what happens to all the women with the same name, applying for a visa to European countries.

The recent proposal of Germany calling for an EU-wide ban of Nazi symbols, including swastikas, to get rid of its past has in no way gone down well with Hindus all across the EU.

The proposal that gained momentum after publication of photographs of Prince Harry in Nazi uniform at a fancy dress party have faced opposition from Hindu groups all across the EU from Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy, arguing that the Nazis hijacked the Hindu symbol that actually stood for peace, using it to propagate a reign of terror, racism and discrimination.

And even as Hindus plan to visit European Commission leaders and members of the European Parliament to put pressure on them to resist the German move, back home we are left wondering what happens to those women who have Swastika as their name.

Among the Hindus and particularly among Bengalis, Swastika is a name we often come across. Derived from the Sanskrit word 'svastika', it is considered a sacred symbol in Hinduism, which is considered to be auspicious.