'I Have Been Telling People to Come Here' Says Buddhist Monk

April 11, 2008

Author: Colleen May and Kay Bel

Source: The Buddhist Channel/Epoch Times


Thich Quang Ba, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk from the Vanltanh Temple in Canberra, was a guest at the opening night of the Chinese Spectacular and was impressed by the skill of the artists as well as the important moral messages of the performance.

"The arts presentation of this show is excellent. A lot of effort a lot of training a lot of preparation," said Thich Quang Ba.

"But for me, alone, it is more important — it's not about the appearance, but the message behind the presentation," he continued. " ... reminding people how to have good character, good nature and to achieve peacefulness, in our life in our community ... the cultural show also carried with it a lot of Buddhist and moral messages, that's to me more important."