Hundreds Wash Swastikas From Colorado Synagogue

March 8, 2004

Source: The Rocky Mountain News,1299,DRMN_15_2712256,00.html

On March 8, 2004 The Rocky Mountain News reported, "The stranger in the crocheted skull cap reached out to shake Rabbi Daniel Cohen's hand Sunday in a doorway to the BMH-BJ Congregation synagogue. 'I'm a Muslim,' the man said. 'And I'm outraged.' Cohen smiled and thanked the visitor, one of more than 350 people who turned out - many with brushes and solvent in hand - to erase about 10 swastikas and Nazi symbols spray-painted on the exterior walls of the synagogue... Cohen read a letter of support to the crowd from C. Alan Carlton, associate pastor of the Bethany Baptist Church. 'It is important that you know we are angered by such acts of cowards,' Carlton wrote. 'What is happening in Europe will not happen here,' he said, referring to recent reports of anti-Semitism on that continent. 'You have many friends who are not silent,' he said."