Hundreds Join In Sikh Festival In Middlesbrough

May 12, 2009

Author: John Sutton

Source: Evening Gazette

Hundreds of Sikhs from all over the country gathered in Middlesbrough to celebrate their faith.

To celebrate Vaisakhi, the start of a new religious year and the founding of Sikhism more than 300 years ago, followers held a Nagar Kirtan.

A Nagar Kirtan is a march accompanied by prayers where Sikhs can invite the community to learn about their religion.

Dr Gursharan Singh, General Secretary of the Sikh Temple in Lorne Street, Middlesbrough, said he thought the event was the first of it’s kind in the North-east.

He said: “Sikhs have been living on Teesside since after the Second World War, and this is the first time we have held a Nagar Kirtan.

“We have coach loads of people coming from Sunderland, Manchester, Newcastle, Scotland and London.”