Houston's Institute for Religion and Health Will Explore Spiritual Dimensions of Healing

February 4, 2006

Source: Houston Chronicle


On February 4, 2006 the Houston Chronicle reported, "[Dr. James Duffy, a neuropsychiatrist and the new director of Houston's Institute for Religion and Health], wants the medical field to discover the spiritual dimensions of healing and patient care. He believes [this] will improve health services [for both] the sick [and] their families. And he thinks it will go a long way in curing physicians, nurses and other health professionals of their disenchantment with the shortcomings of the medical care system. Duffy is the first physician to be named director in the 50-year-old institute's history. Past directors have come from academia or the ministry... Duffy, a former Roman Catholic and now Tibetan Buddhist, has also studied alternative healing practices. Since arriving at the institute in August, Duffy has been working with Houston medical- and religious-community leaders to make the institute a resource center for health-care workers... Duffy wants the institute to focus on three major issues: compassionate health care through an emphasis on palliative (end-of-life) medicine; spiritual renewal and support for health-care providers; [and] dialogue and discussion on important topics such as spirituality and healing."