House Passes Bill on Faith-Based Jobs

March 3, 2005

Source: Los Angeles Times,1,534966.story?coll=la-news-politics-national&ctrack=1&cset=true

On March 3, 2005 the Los Angeles Times reported, "the House on Wednesday approved a job-training bill that would allow faith-based organizations receiving federal funds to consider a person's religious beliefs in making employment decisions. Under current law, religious groups that receive federal money for job-training programs must obey civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination in hiring or firing. Passage of the bill, on a largely party-line vote of 224-200, came a day after President Bush told a group of religious leaders that he would attempt to institute the faith-based employment policies through an executive order if Congress did not approve them this year. In a statement Wednesday supporting the bill, the White House said, 'Receipt of federal funds should not be conditioned on a faith-based organization's giving up a part of its religious identity and mission.'"