Hospital Considers Sterile Headscarves for Muslim Doctors and Medical Students

June 12, 2006

Source: Irish Medical Times

On June 12, 2006 the Irish Medical Times reported, "Beaumont Hospital would consider having sterile headscarves manufactured for Muslim medical students and junior doctors, according to the hospital general manager Mr Peter Connolly. In a letter written to the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO), Mr Connolly said that Beaumont has asked a supplier to look into the supply of 'accredited alternative solutions' to [h]ijab, one of which are sterile orthopaedic hoods, which cover a greater area than traditional sterile caps. However, he said if these fail to meet requirements, the hospital would consider the possibility of having sterile headscarves manufactured. Mr Connolly said the wearing of [h]ijab is not a problem in Beaumont except in theatre, 'where an appropriate sterile version would be required to ensure patient safety is not compromised'."