Honoring the `Awakened One' at 2,550

July 1, 2007

Author: Robert Knox

Source: The Boston Globe


You don't have to be a Buddhist to celebrate the Buddha 's birthday, according to planners of a celebration in Braintree this weekend. "It's for everybody," said Venerable Pannaloka Bhante of the Samantabhadra Buddhist Center.

And you won't have to travel to Asia to enjoy cultural performances by Buddhists from places such as Cambodia, India, Laos, Tibet, and China. Performers from more than 10 countries will celebrate the birth of the historical spiritual leader who was born 2 1/2 millennia ago.

Planners of Sunday's event are expecting more than 3,000 Buddhists to take part in the celebration at the Samantabhadra Buddhist Center. That is how many attended last year's celebration during the course of the event, they say.