Holy Land Foundation Argues FBI Used Faulty Intelligence Translations

July 27, 2004

Source: The New York Times


On July 27, 2004 The New York Times reported, "A shuttered Islamic charity in Dallas, accused of being a financial front for Middle East terrorists, charged Monday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation falsified evidence and 'fabricated a case' against it in an effort to show that it financed Palestinian suicide-bombers.

The charity, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, brought a formal complaint with the Justice Department inspector general and requested an investigation, saying that the F.B.I. used as the crux of its case a distorted and erroneous translation of sensitive Israeli intelligence material. The Holy Land group said it hired an independent translating service in Oregon, which cited 67 discrepancies or errors in translation in a four-page F.B.I. document used in the case... The inspector general recently completed a separate investigation into a former F.B.I. translator's accusations that the bureau failed to address widespread problems in its ability to translate terrorist-related intelligence. That report remains classified, though officials are seeking to release a declassified version."