Holy Days Converge for Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs

April 13, 2006

Source: The Star


On April 13, 2006 The Star reported, "There is something good about April 14. The date is of significance to the Tamil Hindus, the Sikhs and the Christians. It commemorates the beginning of a New Year, the birth of a brotherhood and the death of an innocent to save the world, respectively. Tomorrow may just be another Friday for some but, to others, it holds special religious meanings. To the Tamil Hindus, April 14 is their New Year. To the Christians, it is Good Friday and, to the Sikhs, it is Vasakhi. Gurdwaras, Hindu temples and churches everywhere will hold special prayers to commemorate these holy events. While some see it as a mere coincidence, others think it to be a day for triple joy."