Hindus Honor Martin Luther King

January 20, 2010

Author: James McGinnis

Source: PhillyBurbs.com


Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament sat before the elephant statue of the Hindu god Ganesh.

The monsignor of a Roman Catholic Church politely accepted the ceremonial flames of Aarti, the highest love of Bhagwan (a Hindu name for God).

A collage of faiths – Buddhists, Christians and Jews – gathered before the many statue manifestations of the divine Tuesday in BAPS Swaminarayan Temple of Middletown.

The Hindu temple joined in a weeklong celebration of unity, reflecting on the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

At first, Hinduism and a civil rights in America might seem a strange pairing. Yet similarities remain between the non-violent protests tactics of King and Mahatma Gandhi. 

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