Hindus, Buddhists Face Off Over Temple Custody

January 9, 2010

Author: Iftikhar Gilani

Source: Daily Times


Hindus and Buddhists have come into conflict in the Buddhist holy city of Gaya in the Indian province of Bihar, over the custody of the Mahabodhi Temple. A group of Buddhists have been on a hunger strike for the last week, demanding ‘liberation’ of their holiest shrine, the Mahabodhi Temple, from the ‘clutches’ of the Hindus.

The hunger strike is being led by Bhante Buddha Sharan, under a makeshift tent put up just outside the office of the Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee, which manages the affairs of the Mahabodhi temple. Officials said the strikers’ health is fast deteriorating, as they have not taken solid food for a week.