Hindus and Sikhs Granted Land for Cremation Grounds

March 24, 2004

Source: Institute for War and Peace Reporting


On March 24, 2004 the Institute for War and Peace Reporting reported, "There is good news for Afghanistan's minority Hindu and Sikh community, as it looks like they will finally have a suitable place to cremate their dead. Community leader Awtar Singh credits an IWPR report in November with helping prompt Kabul municipal leaders to provide a large plot in Pul-i-Charkhi, about 12 kilometres east of the capital, so the small community can perform its burial rituals. (To read the report, see: Funeral Woes for Hindus) Anaar Kali, a Loya Jirga delegate representing Hindus and Sikhs, said that after reading the report, she raised the issue with President Hamed Karzai himself at a social function. Singh said that the new plot would be in exchange for the older ground in Khumdan Qalacha, which sat unused during years of conflict. During that time, Muslim housing was built close to the boundaries, and neighbours objected when Hindus once again sought to hold cremations there."