Hinduism Award Ceremony Hosted at Brent Town Hall

April 13, 2006

Source: Hindu Council UK Press Release


On April 13, 2006 a Hindu Council UK Press Release reported, "On the evening of 29th of March we celebrated [a] Hinduism award ceremony at Brent Town Hall. The candidates who had sat for examinations in Hinduism at GCSE and Advanced levels were awarded their certificates. Some of these candidates achieved the maximum 100 percent marks in Hinduism modules at Advanced level, a clear sign of academic excellence. Every year we train about 300 candidates to sit for various examinations in Hinduism. We invite the head of Edexcel Board and heads of religious education from the DfES to give out these certificates. This year the chief advisor on religious education to the DfES as well as the QCA, John Keast together with the chief officer from Edexcel board, Ian Rowberry attended the event. The certificates were distributed in the presence of a vast number of Hindu and temple bodies including the Swaminarayan temples in Neasden, Willesden Green and Harrow."