Hindu Youths Explore Faith Through National Forum

February 21, 2010

Author: Apoorva Murthy

Source: India Herald


Fort Parker State Park in Mexia, Texas was filled to capacity from February 5-7, for the South Regional Retreat with 91 students representing eight universities and three states across the southern United States. 

“Retreat was, in a word, organic,” says sophomore Anand Jayanti from the University of Texas at Austin. 

“In every sense, from our wooden cabins and lake view to the adaptability and spontaneity of our schedule, the experience was built from the ground up, and by the planning and executing efforts of a dedicated group of students I was fortunate to take a small part in.”

Anju Bhargava, a member of President Barack Obama’s new Faith Advisory Council, flew to Texas from New Jersey for the night with a message. Bhargava described her experience as a Hindu American as well as her role as one of many Hindu American parents.