The Hindu Temple of Wisconsin Celebrates Grand Opening

June 30, 2002

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

On June 30, 2002 the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on the opening of the new Hindu Temple of Wisconsin in the city of Pewaukee. On June 30, "after four days of elaborate rituals of purification and consecration, life will be ceremoniously breathed into the temple as statues of Hindu gods are infused with prana, or 'life force'... At the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin, hundreds of volunteers worked for days to prepare for the events, which are expected to draw up to 2,000 Hindus this weekend... The temple brought in a dozen Hindu priests from across the country to lead pujas for the different deities in the installation ceremonies, addressing the needs of Hindu communities in every part of India... Members of the temple praised this weekend's ceremonies as the culmination of years of work to build the only home for Hindus in Wisconsin. Milwaukee-area Hindus previously had to trek to suburban Chicago to find the closest place to worship."