Hindu Temple Transforms Toronto Suburban Landscape

September 13, 2004

Source: Toronto Star


On September 13, 2004 the Toronto Star reported, "Cheap agricultural land brought the Hindu Sabha Temple to Brampton. In turn, the shrine attracted a whole new immigrant community looking for a Canadian dream... [In the late 1970s], the Hindu Sabha Temple was born in a renovated farmhouse at Derry Rd. and Highway 10. Demolished as a result of Highway 407 construction, the shrine was erected once again four years ago on 8.5 hectares near The Gore Rd. and Queen St. in Brampton. Its 37-metre-tall tower can be seen from kilometres away, marking the presence of a new community... At 32,000 square feet, the $11 million temple has a main prayer hall that can accommodate close to 2,500 people, a Hindu school, community hall and 440 parking spaces. It has become the centre of many new residential developments."