Hindu Temple Proposed In Jefferson County Now On Hold

May 20, 2009

Author: Marc Lourdes

Source: stltoday.com


Plans to build a Hindu temple, education center and more than 100 housing units on almost 140 acres off Byrnesville Road are on hold.

A rezoning hearing for the project scheduled in March has been postponed indefinitely at the request of the developers.

At issue: whether the property should be rezoned from large-lot residential, under which lots have to be at least two acres, to the proposed mixed-use project with a denser mix of development.

The developers, Ananda LLC, attracted the support of the Jefferson County Council as well as some nearby property owners. But neighbors of the site expressed opposition, insisting the current large-lot residential system should be preserved and expressing frustration at not being consulted during the planning stages.

Ananda LLC's attorney, Brad Goss, said the developers are evaluating the questions raised by the project's opponents with respect to the density and infrastructure.

"We may continue with the proposal as it currently is, and we certainly think it meets the requirements for rezoning. But we also have the option not to proceed with that plan and simply proceed with two acres as it is currently zoned," he said, adding that company officials had no idea when they would continue with the proposal.

Opposition may have been stirred up by rumors, the most damaging of which is that the development would somehow include a training camp for Muslim terrorists.

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