Hindu Temple Opens in Plano

March 12, 2006

Source: The Courier-Gazette


On March 12, 2006 The Courier-Gazette reported, "Just months after a prayer meeting got the ball rolling early last summer, a new Hindu temple will be established in Plano this week. The final steps in the installation of the deity will take place from 8 a.m. to noon Sunday at the Sri Ganesha Temple at 910 W. Plano Parkway... After some research, it was discovered that the Hindu population is near 10,000 in Collin County. 'The need was there. There was a common goal, preserve and promote the values, ideals, culture and philosophy of Hinduism,' [Giridhara Gopal, a member of the working committee for the temple] said. 'The decision was easy. It was decided to build a Hindu place of worship.' Turning the dream into reality took time, effort and money. A location was found and remodeled; an altar was constructed; and an idol of pancha-loga, an alloy of five medals, was molded in India and brought to Plano. The idol Sri Shiva, the father of Sri Ganesha, will also be installed at the new temple. The Sri Shiva idol is made of stone. The purification of the idols has been taking place all week during various special ceremonies. Among the ceremonies has been the purification by water and rice."