Hindu Temple in Atlanta Celebrates Mahashivratri

March 8, 2005

Source: Hindustan Times


On March 8, 2005 the Hindustan Times reported, "as we prepare for the easiest and the zestiest 'fasts' of all in the Hindu calendar, the Mahashivratri celebrations on March 8, Atlanta's religious centres prime themselves for the conviviality that the day espouses. Of these, the Hindu Temple of Atlanta is probably at the forefront. The temple, located in the relatively serene ambience of Riverdale, is immensely popular with Indians in Georgia. It is impressive not just because of its architectural adherence to the normative design exemplified by the temples of southern India, but also because of the myriad activities and spiritual reconnaissance that it engages in. The temple has been active in promoting spiritual awareness and harmony in the neighborhood for over 12 years now. Characteristically, like every veritable guardian of a nation's immeasurable spiritual and cultural wealth abroad, the primary purpose of the temple is to spawn and cultivate a credo of nationality that embraces more than mere ritual."