Hindu Priest Takes Care of Sufi Mausoleum in Rajasthan

November 13, 2005

Source: WebIndia123/ANI


On November 13, 2005 Asian News International reported, "A Hindu priest takes care of a Muslim Dargah, a Sufi mausoleum, in Rajasthan, showcasing yet another example of communal harmony and brotherhood. Rajni Kant Mishra, the Brahmin priest, who lives in Salampur area, 25 kilometers from Ajmer, originally hails from Uttar Pradesh. He has been serving the Baba Badam Shah dargah for the last four decades with the full support of his family members. Baba Badam Shah never favoured any discrimination in society on communal basis and this inspired Mishra to serve dargah. 'His teachings do not portray differences between religions. No religion is bad. All religions talk about humanity. There is no discrimination between the Hindus, the Muslims, the Sikhs and the Christians. He believed that all are creations of God,' says Rajanikant. Devotees from different communities visit the Dargah during Ramadan, the holy month of Muslims. It is believed that a visit to this Sufi's mausoleum fulfils one's wish."