Hindu Peace Festival Held in Epping

August 23, 2005

Source: Seacoast Online


On August 23, 2005 the Seacoast Online reported, "A three-day peace festival was held last weekend at the Saraswati Mandiram Institute of Holistic Health, Music, Yoga, Science and Philosophy’s Green Pastures Estate in Epping, with special guests of both the human and animal species. The Hindu festival called the Maya gayatri Saraswati Mahayagna opened on Friday evening with prayer ceremonies dedicated to world peace. Tents dotted the rolling green land behind the group’s buildings, with each set up for rituals and ceremonies. The scents of food and the sound of chants echoed through the area as people gathered for the positive vibrations of peace and harmony... The festival was the kickoff for the building of the new college that will be erected at the compound at the site of a 2004 fire, which destroyed the group’s temple."