Hindu Parents Pull out Kids

May 16, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Howrah


Refusing to make their children wear turbans to school, nearly a hundred Hindu families of Sangrur district have decided to withdraw them from the Akal Academy at Cheema village.

The school management had recently made turbans, like those worn by Sikh boys, a mandatory part of the daily uniform for all students studying in Class 6 and above.

Several Hindu parents, who insisted that Sikh religious rules couldn’t be forced on their children, vehemently opposed the move. The local Hindu Sabha and its president, Mr Ashok Jindal, whose own son is a student here, are avidly supporting them.

The parents have decided to withdraw their children in preparation for initiating legal action against the school management. There are 1,250 students in the Akal Academy at Cheema and some 250 among these are Hindus.