Hindu Idols to Be Removed From Police Stations

September 26, 2007

Author: Shahid Raza Burney

Source: Arab News


With an eye to the mid-2009 state elections, the Democratic Front (DF) government in Maharashtra — made up of an alliance between the Congress and Nationalist Congress parties — has directed police to remove Hindu religious idols and pictures from police stations and police posts in the state.

The police in the past have been accused of the maltreatment and profiling of Muslims. In the backdrop of the Sachar and Srikrishna Commission reports, the state government has come up with a plan to promote inter-faith harmony by secularizing police posts, which are staffed predominately by Hindus.

Three years ago, during his tenure as the Pune police commissioner, Anami Narayan Roy ordered city police from performing religious rites in state government properties. This order was largely ignored. Now K.L. Prasad, joint commissioner of Mumbai Police, has issued a similar order, which includes removing Hindu-religious adornments from offices and desks, and underscored that police should refrain from overt religious practices inside state government property.