Hindu God Revered in Delmar Park

October 1, 2006

Source: Your Hub


On October 1, 2006 Your Hub reported, "Almost 300 people of different faiths and sects celebrate as God traveled to the Delmar Park in Aurora, Colorado. Perfect day, perfect setting and Pundit Dhruv Narain Sharma of Chicago made it still better by chanting the sacred mantras with Vedic fire invocation. Ninth day of Navratra's is the day of Goddess Durga, when she achieved victory over evil. Goddess Durga was invited to the Park by mantras for peace and unity of the world. In this era of religious intolerance, these celebrations become very important to remind the people that we are still one and want to live in harmony. This was very unique and uplifting event, attended by almost 300 people of different faiths and sects. During Durga Puja everyone was invited to gain the grace of Mother Divine and receive Her blessings to remove ignorance, provide protection from adversity and eliminate suffering on an individual and cosmic level. The religious celebration lasts for nine days in honor of the nine manifestations of Durga. During Navratri (the word literally means 'nine nights') devotees of Goddess Durga celebrate the victory of Goddess over Mahishasura, the buffalo-headed demon. In a broader sense this is the celebration of victory of good over evil."