Hindu Council Says Solutions to Africa's Problems Must Come from Within

March 29, 2004

Source: AllAfrica.com


On March 29, 2004 AllAfrica.com posted a Catholic Information Service for Africa article that reported, "Successful solutions to the wars in Africa can only be born in Africa, and not from outside the continent, a representative of the Hindu Council for Africa has said. Prabhu Pattni, who was speaking at the regional interfaith summit going on in Nairobi, Kenya, called on religious and political leaders to stop relying on the West to solve the smallest of Africa's problems. 'The assumption that only people from outside can help us bring peace to our homes is the fuelling agent for the incessant wars in Africa,' said Pattni. Pattni gave the ample of the Ethiopia-Eritrea border conflict, which he said has been solved by forces within the continent. 'Local efforts have started bearing fruits in Burundi, northern Uganda and in Somalia,' said the delegate. He said that one of the main aims of the Interfaith Peace Initiative, which was started in Johannesburg, South Africa in October 2002, was to internalise and localise the Interfaith Peace Declaration within the regions."