Hindu Chaplain Protested in US Senate, Honored in Nevada

August 2, 2007

Source: PunjabNewsline.com


RENO(NEVADA) USA: Nevada clergy, drawn from various religions, Wednesday came together in support of fellow Nevadan chaplain Rajan Zed, whose historic first Hindu prayer in United States (US) Senate in Washington DC on July 12 faced protest shouts from visitors gallery.

Catholic, Protestant, Latter Day Saints, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Bahai clergy honored him with a grand reception here, where various political, government, community, and student leaders were also present. He was garlanded by Reverend Gene Savoy Jr., President of Nevada Clergy Association, and was presented with a plaque by Rabbi Myra Soifer of local Temple Sinai on behalf of Interfaith Community of Northern Nevada, which said, "...The interfaith clergy and leaders of northern Nevada proudly recognize and honor this unprecedented achievement..."